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Major achhievement

  • 2018's
    Sejong-City 2nd U-City ICT Monitoring System
    Jeonju-City ITS Monitoring Center Renewal
    Nakdong-River Water Management Control Room
  • 2017's
    K-Water Local headquarters Water Management Control Room
    KPX Jeju New&Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring System
    Incheon International Airport Radar Monitoring Center
    Seoul Data Center Total Monitoring System
    BH Conference Room Monitoring System & NSC Audio System Renewal
    SK GAS Storage Gaheung Area Monitoring System
    Water management control room for ULSAN Metropolitan City
    Namyangju-City CCTV Center Server Installation
    Incheon International Airport Cyber Security Center
    Incheon International Airport Baggage load management System
    Incheon International Airport FAS part Console Desk Installation
    Samsung Gumi-City 2nd Campus Control Room Monitoring System
    Seongnam Cultural Foundation Kiosk Installation
    Incheon International Airport TCC Monitoring Operation Software Renewal
    Incheon Airport Railroad Total Monitoring LDP Installation more
    Socheon-Dogye2 National highway LED Signage Installation
    Incheon Internation Airport Berthage Monitoring Room Dashboard Installation
    Korea Expressway Corporation Audio&KVM System Installation in Seongnam
  • 2016's
    ROK Army 7th Division Screen Display System
    Ministry of National Defense CCTV Monitoring Center in Hannam Office
    The Armed Forces Financial Management Corps Disaster relief materiel
    Ministry of Strategy and Finance Cyber Security Center Display
    Incheon International Airport Kiosk & Signage Installation in Checkpoint Area
    Korea National Police Agency Cyber Security Monitoring Center
    Seoul Metro9, Wall Controller Renewal
    Water management control room for ULSAN Cheonsang purfication plant
    Arirang TV News Center Display Installation
    Seongnam Cultural Foundation Cube Plaza Outdoor Signage Installation
    Samsung Gumi-City 2nd Campus Electronic Monitoring Center
    Taean Thermal Power Complex Division Large Screen Display Installation
    Sihwa MTV Smart City Contol Center
    Namyangju-City U-Total Monitoring Center relocated
    Incheon Airport Railroad Total Monitoring LDP Installation more
    National Emergency Call Center at“ Ministry of the interior and safety”
    Daejeon-City Education Network Service Contol Room
    National Disaster Control Room in Seoul
    Incheon Airport Railroad Total Monitoring LDP Installation more
    CCTV Surveillance Room for GwanAk District office
    Incheon Transit Corporation Subway Communication Control Room Renewal
    ADD Development of Cyber Asset&Mission Analysis Module
    National Disaster Control Room in Sejong
    Angola Police Agency Total Monitoring Room
    Incheon International Airport Baggage Operation Center Monitoring System
  • 2015's
    Establishment of smart disaster safety measures headquarters system advancement center
    Established NH Nonghyup Integrated Computing Center
    Built Incheon International Airport Phase 3 airport communication facility construction project (IOC, ICT)
    Performed improvement project for fire prevention control room in Jeonbuk Provincial Office.
    Performed Environment Management Corporation center for Taebaek-si Waterworks Network optimal management system (center part)Construction of the Civil Defense Control Center in Gyeongbuk Provincial Office.
    Established Hyundai Capital / Card / Commercial Information Protection Status Room
    Performed Transfer and Construction Project for Sejong City Office Establishment Cyber Safety Center of LH Corporation
    Established Water Management Control Room & Monitoring System for Korea Water Resources Corporation
  • 2014's
    Established 4 control rooms in Seoul IT Complex.
    Supplied KBS N1, N2 Studio LED DLP CUBE.
    Performed Suwon City infrastructure (signal control) security infrastructure construction project.
    Performed the project of transferring cyber safety center of Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
    Construction of the general situation room of Wuyi new light railroad 1 tool.
    Conducted the replacement of the situation board at the Incheon International Airport Counterterrorism Center.
    Conducted a project to replace the large exhibition system of the Ministry of National Defense
    Construction of video communication system of Korea Aerospace Research Institute's Korean launch vehicle propulsion system.
    Establishment of on-site monitoring system and AV and public broadcasting facilities construction for Special Army Force headquartersEstablishment of 5 monitoring
    rooms in Gyeongbuk prefectural government relocation project.
    Establishment of information communication network control room of Gyeongbuk Provincial Government (KT) relocation project.
    Replacement project of Gwangju Unified Computer Center
    Establishment of integrated monitoring facility for KEPCO head office.
    Performed the replacement of the large exhibition system of the Army Headquarters. Establishment backup system of Suwon human call center
    Establishment of central control room of clean water business office in Suwon
    cityConstructed central control room of Jeonju clean water center
    Establishment of central control room of Cheongpyeong dam
    Establishment of the control room for Incheon city water management
    Establishment of POSCO Global Safety Center
    Construction of video facilities of POSCO GOC Center
    Built video facilities of Arirang broadcasting station
    Conducts U-City control room of Gwangju Jeonnam Innovation City, LH Corporation (Naju City)
    Construction of 2nd KJCCS exhibition screen system by Ministry of National Defense
    Construction of LFD display for monitoring system for KT operation facility
    Establishment control room for KT's Daejeon City Office of Education extension service project.
  • 2013's
    Conducted LDP replacement project of signaling control for Korail Airport Railway
    Construction of YTN fire-fighting room video surveillance system
    Conducted the presentation system construction project for the 2nd meeting room of the National Assembly
    Supplying Console Desk for Hwacheon water Sewage center
    Construction of video system of KBS Press Office, main news studio
    Conducted replacement of video equipment system parts in central control room of Jeju sewage treatment center
    Performed interior of CJ Songdo Data Center emergency room
    Performed HD codec operation project for KT video system
    Establishment of CCTV installation for Daejeon Office of KCS
    Establishment of Korea Cyber Exchange Cyber Automatic Search Monitoring System
    Performing monitoring service for monitoring system for broadcasting system.April
    DLP CUBE improvement project for Dangjin Thermal Power Plant 7, 8
    Established CJ Integrated Security Control Center
    Construction of power / machinery control system at Incheon Airport
    Construction of integrated control system of crime prevention CCTV in Osan city
    Established KJCCS 1st display screen system of Ministry of National Defense
    Establishment of Daegu Sewage Integrated Situation Office
    Construction of central control room of Pyeongchang Dialysis Plant
    Construction of central control room # 4 of Ulsan Combined Cycle Power Plant
    Establishment control room of Emergency Relief Center of the Seoul Red Cross
    Establishment of DLP system for the farming and fishing villages in the southern part of Hongcheon
  • 2012's
    Establishment of LH Corporation Cyber Safety Center
    Conducted environment improvement project in administrative office of Chongbuk Provincial Government
    Construction of projector system for demand forecast room of KPX
    Establishment of KEPCO HVDC Jeju monitoring room
    Implemented additional wireless sound equipment and video equipment project in B1 of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
    Establishment of central control room for DaeWha water purification plant
    Conducted the business of transferring KT network management center to Sejong City
    Conducted the business of transferring KT network management center to Namtaeryung
    Construction of CCTV control center in Jungnang-gu Office
    Established control room for Naju Green Smart City
    Supplying console system for Incheon International Airport
    Developed the CCTV integrated control program for Yeonsoo Office, Incheon
    Supplied electric screen material for the Power Exchange
    Install video control system on Chuza island
    Supplied wall controller to 2nd Corps Command
    Conducted Improvement of sanitary environment at Inje County Office
    Conducted Implemented the DLP CUBE improvement work for the Disaster Control Room of Yongdam Dam, Korea Water Resources CorporationJuly
    Supplied console system to the Jungang Sewage center in Seoul
    Construction of a control room for the 2nd West Coast Expressway
    Conducted high-speed network construction project for Seoul City
    Construction of the control room at the boarding / elevating facility for Incheon International Airport
    Establishment of the national conference room of the B-1 documentary in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
    Establishment of control room for Hyundai Capital
    Establishment of Nakdong River Estuary Water Management Integrated Center of Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Construction of U-City control Room of Sejong CityMarch
    Establishment of sewage integration control room of Daegu city
    Establishment of Cheongna Incheon City Gas Office
    Establishment of central control room of Jungnang-Gu Chung Sewage Plant
  • 2011's
    Construction of control room for Hwacheon Sewage Treatment Plant
    Establishment of fire fighting control room for Changwon city
    Construction of naval command and control system
    Completed display system for 2nd Corps
    Establishment of central monitoring room for Daegu food processing center
    Construction the Han River 6th Gangcheon-bo monitoring room
    Construction of the Nakdong River 22, Achievement Monitoring Room
    Construction of central monitoring room of Gangwon Derip tunnel
    Establishment of the control room of Daejeon Government Integrated Computing Center in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
    Completed construction of AOC monitoring room and installation of CCTV equipment at Incheon Airport
    Completed the replacement of Busan customs north port surveillance systemAugust
    Construction of video conference system for Masan City Hapo District Office.
    Establishment of comprehensive documentary room and video conferencing system for the B1 document.
    Establishment of the monitoring room of the disposal facility for municipal solid waste.
    Establishment of Gwangju Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant.
    Constructing a control room for Gyeongin Arabaegil
    Installation of encryption equipment of Gyeonggi Province construction company.
    Construction of main news studio video wall for KBS broadcasting station
    Construction of the video wall for Ulam Dam, KHNP
    Construction video conference system for Global Green Growth Institute
    Construction a video monitoring system for Mary's water intake system
    Establishment Operations Command Room for Navy
    Construction video management system for food waste disposal site in administrative complex cityMarch
    Established Cyber Safety Center of Unification Ministry
    Delivery of Kintex video control system
    Establishment of CCTV surveillance room for No-on Water Treatment Plant
    Construction video display system for Yeong deung po prison surveillance room
    Establishment control room for Sungju City Disaster / Disaster Office
  • 2010's
    Construction of electronic communication system for Hangang river project
    Construction of video system for waste incineration facilities in Geoje city.
    Establishment of Gimpo sewage integrated facility
    Establishment of integrated control center for electronic customs clearance
    Establishment of Integrated Arisu Center in Seoul
    Construction of sewage sludge imaging system for Cheonan city
    Construction of video system of Osan Central Civil Defense Control Center
    Construction of integrated control center of Gwanak city
    Establishment of a project to improve the fire department headquarters of Daegu.
    Construction of Gumi City Environment Resource Facility (IncinerationMarch
    Established Water Pollution Disaster Prevention Center for Gumi city
    Establishment of integrated situation room interior DeptJanuary
    Established U-City's Broadband Information and Communication Network
  • 2009's
    Completed control room for Pyeong-chang Sewage Treatment Plant.
    Construction of war control room for the Marines Command Room
    Establishment of the monitoring room of Gyeongseong water purification plant
    Establishment of information network center for Chungbuk Provincial Office
    Establishment of U-City Control Center for PanGyo city
    Contstruction of media large display wall for MBN Maeil Business News
    Establishment of control room of Chungcheong area headquarters of Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Established IBS Disaster Prevention Center for SeongNam city
    Supplied Cyber Infringement Center to Chungbuk Provincial Office
    Supplied Hyundai Steel video control systemJune
    Construction of Cyber infringement response center for Gyeonggi province office
    Establishment of control system for Munsan water purification plant in Paju
    Supplied Video image & display device for Cyber Infringement Center to Chungbuk Provincial Office
    Supplied Video image & display device for Hyundai Steel video control systemJanuary
    Establishment of comprehensive monitoring system of ports in Pohang Port Authority
    Establishment of control system for spring water factory in Yeoncheon
  • 2008's
    Construction of Daejeon KISTI CCTV monitoring system
    Established CCTV surveillance control room for Seongdong-gu office
    Constitution video wall for southern waterworks office, Seoul
    Construction control room for Gochang-gun Sewage Treatment Plant
    Constructed flood control room for Youngsan river control center
    Supplied image system for Youngnam UniversitySupplied Contra 50XS 2x2 for control room for Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency
    Supplied Contra 50XS 2x4 to for control room for Dangjin sewage treatment plant
    Construction control room for Jinyoungr Sewage Treatment Plant September
    Installation of Contra (Contra 50SX + 2x4) for Gochang Water sewage centerAugust
    Establishment control room for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade
    Installation Contra Video wall for Incheon Civil Defense Education Center
    Establishment of video wall for disaster prevention room of Korea Land Corporation
    Contruction Video wall and control room for Korea Land Corporation Disaster
    Construction of CCTV survelliance room for Kunpo city
    Built Video wall with contra series for Kangwon Education
    Supplied Contra video wall to central control room of Nonsan Water Service Center
    Construction security system for Incheon International Airport 2nd stage
    Contstruction of real-time electricity demand information for Cheon-An city
    Construction of HPP image control room for Chuncheon Dam
    Construction of control room for Seongnam, Hakick, Hwasun sewage treatment plant
  • 2007's
    Built Contra video wall to Jeju sewage treatment plant control room
    Establishment of the electric power meter field in KEPCO
    Construction control room for Jeonnam Waterworks facility
    Established video system and document conference system for Daegu Police office
    Construction of control system for the MCRC of the Air Force
    Built control room for Incheon International Airport 2nd stage construction
    Construction of UTIS video system for wide area traffic information of Gwangmyeong city
    Built of CCTV security video system construction of Cheonan and Asan KTX stations
    Construction of CCTV additional extension of Gimhae City Hall
    Established e-government comprehensive control system for Busan city
    Construction of BHS control room video system at Incheon Airport
  • 2006's
    Construction video system for the National Assembly
    Construction of Monitoring and control system for Wabu water treatment plant
    Constructing a monitoring room for marine city gas
    Established display system for POSCO
    Supplied Rear Projector part for KPX
    Established comprehensive disaster prevention system for Gwangyang firefighting facilities
    Construction of video system in Daegu police office
    Built Video surveillance system & integrated operation system for Jeonnam Waterworks facility
    Construction Video wall with DLP cube for Kochang KEON substation
    Construction of the waterworks system of Yeongnam inland area wide area waterworks
    Construction of video system in NOC situation room
    Construction of a video system at Kochang KEPCO substation
    Establishment of improvement project of the meeting room of the National Police Agency
    Construction of video surveillance panel at Geomdan sewage treatment plant
    Establishment of control system for Ulsan General Disaster Site
    Establishment of disaster complex control room system Chungcheongbuk-do
    Construction of control room system in POSCO 3 blast furnace
    Establishment of communication room system for KT Youngdong WiBro
    Construction of video system for Cheonan ITS traffic information center
    Extension of information center to water management center of Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Construction of video system in Daewoo Shipbuilding
  • 2005's
    Establishment of a situation room system in Gumi sewage treatment plant (4 complex)
    Construction of video wall system in POSCO 3rd furnace
    Construction of video wall system in the meeting room of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
    Construction of a video wall system in the control room of the water resource corporation in South Chungnam Province (Jangheung)
    Established the control room system in Busan KT APEC
    Construction of video wall system in disaster safety room of Yeongju city hall
    Construction of video wall system in the main assembly of the National Assembly
    Construction of video wall system at POSCO's Production Control Center
    Construction of video wall system in Presidential Office of Presidential Office
    Establishment of a new construction work room in the Chungcheongbuk-do line
  • 2004's
    Construction of a video wall system at the Cheonan Civil Defense Education Center
    Performed a disaster monitoring / video conferencing system construction project at the fire department of Busan Metropolitan City
    Performed maintenance work on the Central Disaster General control Room
    Build an online system for the presidential secretariat
    Established central control room of Gumi Sewage Treatment Plant
    S / W production of LCD Projector
    Established video surveillance system at POSCO's 22KV power supply facility
    Established central control room in POSCO
    Establishment of the video system of water purification plant in the southern part of Chonnam Province
    Completion supplying of EIC Package for POSCO's 2nd plate production
    Established Satellite Operation Center at Korea Aerospace Research Institute
    Establishment of a comprehensive control room system in the operation station of Busan submarine KT International Network
    Installation of beam projector for the secretary of the Sejong room
    Installation of video equipment in the presidential secretariat
    Presidential Office DLP Projector Installation
    Established central control room at Chungju dam of Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Construction of video system in Thrunet
    Construction of video system at Hanaro Telecom
  • 2003's
    Establishment of comprehensive control room of disaster accidents nationwide
    Construction of video equipment at LG CNS computer center
    Construction of video equipment in disaster control room of Yeongwol County
    Construction of video facilities in the dispatch room of the Korea Power Exchange in Jeju Island
    Construction of video facilities in integrated sewage treatment plant in Gapyeong-gun
    Built monitoring system built in Busan's North Port
    Construction of video wall system at POSCO's Gwangyang Energy Center (VCC)
    Construction of video wall system in dispatch room of Korea Power ExchangeApril
    Establish disaster emergency room at Yeongju City Hall
  • 2002's
    Construction control room for Wonju Water Purification Center.
    Establishment of a power control room for the National RailroadAugust
    Construction the control room of Cheonan Water Treatment Plant
    Establish control room for Sihwa Sewage Treatment PlantMay
    Construction disaster control room for Seongnam City Hall
    Established Thrunet IDC Network Management Center
    Established power generation integrated operation system in Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Establishment of video wall system at World Cup government support team
    Construction of video wall system at KTF Disaster Prevention Center
    Construction of video wall system for anti-corruption committee
  • 2001's
    Construction of the situation room in Cheongju Water Purification Plant of Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Establishment of 119 general situation room of Busan firefighting headquarters
    Establishment of integrated network management center of KTF