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Overview of control room

In all industries, the need for a system for efficient management and control has become an indispensable part of the organization's giganticization and segmentation

As the existing system of simple numerical data is gradually shifted from automation, multimedia integration, and intelligent complex system to existing control system,there is a limit to expressing sufficient information about large-scale, high-density facilities.

Hive System design and install Screen Wall Board System, a control system that can accommodate the control environment required in the future.
We are improving the efficiency of our business by efficiently displaying information that can actively respond to management and each situation.

Control Room 이미지

Advantages of the proposed system

Hive system is based on high technology and many years of unique know-how
State-of-the-art technology for display selection and control Dual control of image controller,
We are doing our best to build an optimal control room through the implementation of integrated control system.

최적의 Control Room 구축- 완력한 Control Room 구축 -대형 화면을 통한 업무효율 극대화 - 24시간 연속 운영의 안정화 -운영자관점의 운영평리성 최대화 (디스플레이 컨트롤러 이중화 -최신기술의 디스플레이 -통합 컨트롤시스템)

Application field

  • Integration Control Center
  • Operation Center
  • Emergency Control Center
  • Data Center
  • Financial & Stock Trading Info Center
  • Network Management Center
  • Traffic Control Center
  • Building Monitoring Control Center
  • Energy Management Control Center
  • SCADA for Electric Power Control Center
  • Environment Monitoring Center
  • Water Management Center
  • Exhibition·Public Information Center