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A/V system Overview

Many corporations or government offices already have meetings and conference using multimedia systems and are diversifying application solutions such as video conferencing and live streaming.
Hive System is leading the construction of the advanced conference room with the best technical staff and the best solution.

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Introduction effect

The meeting room is equipped with a full range of facilities including a LCD projector and a video system for presentations of the latest technologies. The meeting room is equipped with a professional staff with highly skilled technical staff who can provide training, board, seminar, presentation, interview, conference, , Sales meetings, customer meetings, and more.

In addition, by installing advanced video system in the conference room, we will highlight the advanced corporate image and install the screen so that the conference and briefing can be conducted in various and effective ways, and the sound system is installed to enable effective voice transmission.

  • Establish efficient video conferencing system considering installation environment
  • Portable Method to facilitate expansion and migration (Portable Method)
  • Construct new system centered system
  • Suggestions of H / W and S / W that conform to the standard (International Standard)
  • Construct a GUI environment system considering user's convenience

VIDEO / AUDIO system building plan for meeting & conference room

Hive System's video conference room system is composed of the modular projection system of the latest technology, integrated video and sound controller, and integrated control system for integrated operation between systems to meet the unique functions of the conference room through user's convenience We build a state-of-the-art conference room system that takes maximum consideration into consideration.

  • It is possible to capture the speaker clearly by installing the web camera, and there is the automatic image capture function by presetting the camera interface and controller
  • It adopts speech microphone to construct sound quality sound absorption power
  • The RGB Matrix Switcher is designed for smooth input and output of 16 inputs / 16 outputs.
  • We use DLP projectors of over 5000 ANSI for the highest quality image.
  • Use a 120 "power screen for a wide screen configuration
  • Select Graphic E.Q. for optimum sound quality to configure optimal sound quality
  • Consider the convenience of the user with a wireless microphone system configuration
  • With the configuration of the integrated control system, remote control of all systems and one-stop system configuration make it easier to operate the machine
  • PDU is installed for safe supply of power and protection of equipment to protect equipment and supply power smoothly