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BlackScutum Data Security System

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Data Security Technology for Data Obfuscation using Data Shuffling Algorithm(Image Shuffling and File Shuffling)

  • This technology enables encryption and decryption of various types of data including voice, image, video, electronic documents using data shuffling (image shuffling and file shuffling). It is a powerful data encryption and decryption technology that can encrypt and decrypt the payload data of all the packets transmitted.
  • Extremely high encryption speed and reliability because it does not use arithmetic function. (Real-time video encryption, outstanding document encryption speed, applicable for IoT device security)

The only data security-based service that converts data attributes to 100% images

  • Real-time End-to-End Video Encryption and Decryption Solution for CCTV / IP Cameras based on Data Shuffling Technology
  • The world's first real-time end-to-end video encryption and decryption solution
  • Encrypts and decrypts Full HD video frame from CCTV / IP camera to control center repository in real time
  • Impossible to restore image even when the video data being streamed is hacked
  • Fast and powerful real-time end-to-end video security solution

Benefits of BlackScutum System

  • A complete real-time end-to-end encryption system for personal, corporate and key facility data
  • Reduction of communication line costs
  • Reductions of maintenance costs